My short term vision is related to health and wellbeing

I aim to create a health organisation that:

  • Provides financial support and fundraising guidance for those who are denied life saving critical medication due to costs.
  • Provides a structure for wholistic support. After an oncologist delivers bad news upon bad news, the individual still needs to go home and ‘live’ with the doctors words. Psychological, emotional, spiritual all need nourishing in addition to the physical challenges one faces.
  • To change the narrative of how cancer patients are treated.
  • If someone is diagnosed with cancer, the default standard NHS option pretty much resolves around chemotherapy, yet the side effects are brutal. I personally had 18 cycles of chemo within one year, and it was horrible. It breaks my heart to hear of someone needing chemo. Old or young, cancer does not discriminate. According to Cancer Research UK, 1 in 2 people will develop cancer in their lifetime. We live in an age of scientific breakthroughs with cutting edge research on genetics, new technologies emerging on a daily basis. I want my story to help change the conversation by working with doctors, charities, government, drug companies especially in the context of statistics that can cause fear.

If any of the above resonates and you want to be involved please get in touch, I would love to here from you.