This past week there have been deadly attacks in Turkey, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Iraq, in addition to the many that go unreported everyday.

I woke up to a message on Saturday morning from my cousin; “I knew one of those killed… …a really fun, liberal lady”. It was heart breaking to read.

This is for Ishrat, and all the lives that have been taken over the many many years.

Humanity to find its way

They went about their daily lives

Who could hear their final cries?

Innocently the kids off to school

A day when there were no more rules

The 16th of December

142, we still remember

A nation mourns

Hoping for a new day to dawn

Some two weeks later

The numbers are somewhat greater

Boko Haram to strike again

No words, what is there to gain?

Senseless mass killings

With many more gone missing

Still waiting for the release of ‘our girls’

They took away our precious pearls

The world moves on

A blind eye to all those bombs

In Afghanistan, We continue to ignore

Her people surely can’t take much more

Many souls are torn

New angels are born

Let us speak of Palestine

A country with no border lines

Her children have dreams as well

But life remains a living hell

Iraq had operation ‘Shock and Awe’

It all still feels very raw

The blasts are daily

Whilst people are dying for safety

Then the brutality brought closer to home

The world takes a very different tone

Solidarity with Parisians

Prayers all over the television

Soon we felt Belgium’s pain

The hate, surely can’t remain

But the prayers are selective

As Turkey is affected

Multiple destructive assaults

Countless lives come to a halt

We watch on as Syrians have no where to go

A child washed up, humanity a new found low

Recently Dhaka under siege

Oh, the price for freedom of speech

But we move on

As the past has gone

Even though gun crimes are plenty

And homes left very empty

I pray every day

That humanity will find its way

For fear to become frail

And Love to surely prevail