2015 was a year of lots of hospital trips, doctors and drugs. It was also a year of deep and meaningful connections with friends and family. Other than all the medical jargon I was destined to learn, all the green juices I would drink, and all the coffee shop meet ups, it was a year of sport.

Whether it was Sky Sports on the tv, or Sky Sports on my phone, I would find a way.

Being all drugged up with chemotherapy, meant at times I had little energy to reply to a text message, times when I had zero concentration to read a book, times when, well it felt time wasn’t moving at all. During those times the easiest thing to do was to lay on the sofa and switch to one of those sports channels.

Sport was a welcome distraction…

As 2016 began I decided that without any chemo in the plans, I could finally get on with writing that book, finally complete those online courses, and ultimately make the most of whatever time I have left. It is time to unsubscribe my Sky Sports subscription

Right now, I am so tempted to talk about time. As Einstein said, time is relative, which has become a fascinating area of study for me, but that is for another…, occasion maybe.

… Football

New Years day, 2015, began with seeing my beloved Tottenham Hotspur (and Harry Kane) destroy Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea. That’s right, destroy is the word. 5-3 the score, conceding five goals, Chelsea were made to look ordinary. Although a couple of months later, Mourinho would have the final say as he lifted the Capital One Cup. He said something like “we came here to win the trophy, not play a final. Yes, his Chelsea beat a very ordinary Spurs team. The season would end a further few months later with Chelsea crowned as Champions and Tottenham finishing 5th, once more.


During my sociology years, I came across Norman Tebbit’s ‘cricket test’, to prove loyalty to a nation. Growing up, Bangladesh only appeared on the news with images of flooding, and there wasn’t really a cricket team to support. Although when I discovered there was a team back in 1999, I would inevitably fail Tebbit’s test. I would cheer them getting a chance to play, let alone every wicket and every run. Bangladesh would rarely win.

So in 2015, I don’t know whether I actually imagined a year of wins for the Bangladesh cricket team. They beat England in the World Cup, they beat Pakistan, India and South Africa, all in One Day series’. Did I just even write that? Surely this can’t be true, surely I’m still drugged up?


Federer is my favourite tennis player of all time. I just love the guy. He is the epitome of coolness. I don’t know if I was drugged up when I sent the following message to a friend; “If I was a girl, I would have Federer posters on my wall”. I am so desperate to see him win an 18th Grand Slam. 2015 wasn’t the year though, all the majors came and went, Federer always second best to Novak.


I’ve never been real a boxing fan, but Sky Sports did an incredible job in hyping up the ‘biggest fight of all time’; Money Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao. Yes, I watched all the build up specials and decided to pay Box Office 20 quid for the privilege to watch the ‘fight’. Not only was I to lose £20, but I lost a few hours of sleep as I woke up at 3am. It was the worst decision of the year. Again, I blame it on the drugs. I vowed never to pay for a boxing match ever again!


I grew up watching Hulk Hogan, The Ultimate Warrior, Bret Hart in World Wrestling Federation, renamed (after a legal claim from the WWF) World Wrestling Entertainment. The year just gone by I would find myself watching ‘Sports Entertainment’. Again, I blame the drugs. With all the science I was learning, I think my brain wanted to dumb down. Did I really spend hours and hours of watching men in tights hit each other with chairs and tables and ladders?

The Rugby

Well there’s not much to talk about. England failed to live up the hype in the World Cup, which by the way organisers classed as the 3rd biggest sporting occasion in the world. I don’t think so.

Although, in Rugby League (the proper type of rugby) England did beat New Zealand, a highlight, indeed.


Cars going around and around, again and again. Hmmm, Hamilton drove away with the title again. Not much else happened.

But I think the ‘entertainment’ was away from the track. Red Bull vs Renault in a civil war of blame, was fascinating. And then there’s ‘the F1 boss’ Bernie Ecclestone; with his bizarre musings on both Putin and Blatter. About Putin, he said; “Super. I’m his best supporter”. About Blatter, he said; “I don’t think he should have ever stepped down, and I don’t think he should have ever been challenged, because it’s because of him we have a lot of countries around the world that are now playing football”.

How do these guys get to run the biggest sports (country in Putin’s case) organisations in the world for like forever?

Full time

Yikes, as I’ve just written my sporting high and low lights from 2015, I’ve realised how much time I’ve wasted; let’s just ‘blame the drugs’. I don’t think I can or even want to give up sport. Although, I do believe I will be a lot more selective about what I watch in 2016. No men in tights (WWE), no boxing, that’s for sure. Federer and Football are a must though, “Come on you Spurs”.

I think I might wright a review of all the shows I watched next; Suits, Gotham, House of Cards…