When I woke up this morning I reached out for my phone to check the time. There was over an hour to go before my alarm to go off. I saw a couple of messages which I thought *must remember to reply*. And then went on Facebook, as one does. I scrolled down and stumbled upon a sponsored article. For some reason I decided to open it “10 Morning Habits Successful People Swear By”


Go to bed early

Toss it aka declutter

Pack snacks: eat healthy pick me up snacks during the day

Get moving

Say Buh-Bye To THAT One Big Task

Eat a wholesome breakfast


Wake up an hour early

As I was already up, I thought 1 down another 9 to go. Can I develop some successful rituals I thought to myself.

I sat down in silence and within moments I could hear the birds chirping. The silence was soothing, calming. I eased into a meditative state. I was grateful for the moment, the life force, the love around me, around us.

I repeated a few mantras; ‘there is no order of difficulty in miracles’. A miracle is what I need most.

I then got up and did a few movements that I learnt at the hospital yoga session I attended a couple of days earlier. My shoulders and knees have been troubling me a lot recently. The yoga has helped a lot, particularly the shoulders.

A nutritiously healthy breakfast followed.

Then it was time for that ‘say bye to that one thing’. That one thing that must be the most difficult thing to do each day.

I remember running for student union elections in 2004. That was difficult back then.

Once elected, they said I had to speak to 100s of students; a mass address. That was also difficult.

Then I remembered surgery last year. I was petrified at the thought of them cutting me open. Further difficulty.

But making my JustGiving fundraising page live? Making my fundraising Facebook page public?

Yikes, that’s a whole new level of difficulty altogether.

Taking myself out of the way, nervously putting my ego and my pride to one side, I knew it was time to do this. To give it my best shot. Getting the bits and pieces together had already stretched me, so going through with it will only make me grow some more I believed.

A convoluted thought process now perhaps; I might die from this illness, but I will grow in the process (not taller obviously but soul growth). I learnt what the Napoleon complex was only the other day lol, another story.

And so I took the plunge. Made a couple of edits, and pressed activate. I messaged a few friends and family members informing them that the page is live and then embraced the uncertainty, embraced the love that has and is in my life, and trust that I can only follow my intuition and do my best. That is all one can do, one’s best.

Back to the 10 rituals. I had a day a lot of which was scheduled away from home, so I decided to pack some healthy pick me up snacks; some blueberries, cucumber, strawberries…

As I type, I’ve completed 7 of those 10 steps. Sleeping early is still on the cards (almost), and I am sure to visualise before I go to bed. That leaves ‘declutter’ as the one I haven’t really thought about today, but I did have a major decluttering session a few days ago.

As I close up this post, I ask myself what is success. A question I wrote my dissertation piece on, some 13 years ago. Its a philosophical point I will aim to tackle another time. But for now, I will go to sleep with a lot of gratitude and if I am blessed to see another day tomorrow, then the intention is to go again. Start early, sit in silence, move, have a nutritious breakfast, do that one difficult thing, repeat the mantra’s, eat pick me up healthy snacks during the day, declutter, visualise, go to sleep early. Repeat.

The article I read can be viewed here: