In December 2014, my life and the meaning it had was to change forever. Aged 31, I was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. The cancer specialist said “you have a small chance of success”, the surgeon said the tumour was “too big to operate”, and so began the cancer chronicles. Setback after setback, blow after blow, yet unexpectedly there have been many highs in between.

With the diagnosis I knew I needed to stay strong, both mentally and emotionally; when all I wanted to do was breakdown down and crumble away into the ocean. ‘To find meaning’ was the quest I began. I wanted answers, I wanted to know why, I wanted to find ultimate meaning and in the process find peace through this life threatening condition.

Weeks, months and a year followed; I navigated the trepidation of death, the agony of chemotherapy, the knife of life saving surgery, and many many sleepless nights, until in December 2015 when I was told my cancer was growing and that they had run out of standard NHS treatment.

In May 2016, I turned to crowdfunding to raise the funds to get access to a new breakthrough treatment that has seen some incredible results but which is unavailable on the NHS.

The love and support that surrounds me is humbling, and I count my blessings everyday. #TeamMo is blessed to have thousands of people helping in my cause for which I am endlessly grateful.

Through this site I share my story, and in doing so I find liberation as I express my inner thoughts and feelings as well as feeling deeply connected to humanity. I hope reading and watching blogs and videos on this site adds value or gives hope to many others out there facing a tough time.

Lots of love,