Redefine Cancer

A vision to change the way the world reacts to cancer, using a personalised mind-body-tech approach. Inspired by his own cancer story, Mo Haque, a blogger, speaker and soon to be author, is launching Redefine Cancer, a charity with a vision to change the way the world reacts to cancer.
Mo has had national media coverage and had the opportunity to speak at the Houses of Parliament, raising money and awareness whilst sharing his story of going from a terminal diagnosis, with no more NHS treatment available, to raising £185,000 for a breakthrough drug which has seen his tumours reverse by over 50%. From the beginning of his cancer diagnosis he took on an integrative approach which helped him process emotions and balance his psychology whilst he went through the very brutal side effects of chemotherapy.

The word cancer ordinarily elicits fear, with many diagnosed fearing the worst. Cancer Research UK tells us that 1 in 2 people will be diagnosed with the disease in their lifetime in the U.K. a figure which was 1 in 3 a few years ago. A trend which is going the wrong way.
It doesn’t have to be like this.
Redefine Cancer has aims of putting the whole person at the heart of their own care with a personal approach. Not only wanting patients to get the best possible treatment option, but making mind body (integrative) principles a real part of the care package for every cancer patient and their loved ones. Redefine Cancer wants to support those patients who as a last resort have to crowdfund for potentially life saving treatment. With continuos advances in research and science, breakthrough cancer drugs are frequently talked about in the media yet these have huge costs and are only available for those who have the finances. Many are left to die.
Redefine Cancer wants to level the playing field and liberate lives.